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8 de Marzo Edimburgo.Keep abortion legal and safe.

These Hysterical Women

Lunes 10 de marzo de 2014

This year, we will stand together to defend our right to safe and legal abortion. We would like to use the occasion as well to show our solidarity with women in Spain. Spanish government is to reform abortion law to effectively ban abortion and deprive women of their right to control their own bodies. This restrictive reform is a source of inequality and injustice. Women are not incubators and we are very capable of making our own decisions: OUR BODY. OUR CHOICE.

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Gracias compañeras¡¡ y si, arriba el movimiento feminista¡¡aupa¡¡

Thank you so much all of you for coming today. It’s fantastic to see so many people here, together on the 8th of March, celebrating International women’s day and celebrating the fight for women’s rights. It’s been a long steep road. It hasn’t been easy. And there is still a long way to go. Because there is still a lot to fight for.
We are all born free and equal in dignity and rights. But an unbalanced society makes us unequal. And that is reversible. Together we have the power to change things. But we need to persevere and keep on fighting. And that is why we are here today.
This year we want to show our support for a legal, free and universal abortion. Women, we give birth, so we have the right to choose. Nobody else can choose for us. And we don’t need legislations to regulate our bodies. It Is my body, it is my choice. (This is a personal and private decision). As simple as that.
Today in Spain, women has access to free and legal abortion. But the Spanish government wants to reform abortion law to effectively ban abortion and deprive women of their right to control their own bodies. This intrusive reform patronises and victimizes women. It is a violation of women’s basic rights and a source of inequality and injustice. Because abortion is not a privilege to be granted. Abortion is every woman’s right. And we will only stop this violation of our rights if we fight all together; people from Spain, Scotland, Ireland and so on.
No woman wishes an abortion. No woman enjoys an abortion. And no woman should be demonised for deciding what it is best for her.
Because we are more than capable of making our own decisions. We don’t need anyone to decide for us. And we will not let it happen.
We will fight. Because we are brave women. Because we are proud of our ideals / principles. We are women in action. YES. We are These Hysterical Women. Because we have to demand our rights again and again.
Here we are, These Hysterical women, and we want to see women and men fighting together for a better society.
To conclude, I would like to ask you something . Are you ready to work on this? Are you ready to raise your voice for women’s rights? Are you ready to fight for an equal world?

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Ya están aquí. Ya llegaron. Ellas son las Chocho Riot!
International Women’s Day 2014. Photos by Lucho Chiesa Benitez